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Essence of Earth - Beauty through Balance

Natural and organic products have been used from ancient times and they are time tested. Natural ingredients like mint, tulsi, tea-tree, turmeric, sandal, rose, cucumber, papaya, honey, lentils, apricot, almond, green gram, oat-meal, have been used time and again and their efficacy authenticated in every household.

The Essence of Earth range of products are carefully formulated using only the finest active botanical ingredients to effectively nurture Beauty through Balance . The range is wholly natural and vegetarian – no animal fat is used. It is based on tried and tested grandma’s recipes and only hand- picked fresh herbs, flowers, lentils, grains, spices, honey, loofahs, and natural extracts are used to give the true feel of mother earth. The product range is eco-friendly, not only in its ingredients, but also in terms of its making and packaging. They are handmade – which means very little energy has gone into its production and packaging. Since they are made of natural ingredients, they are bio- degradable and are harmless to the environment. These products have not been tested on animals. Neem, rosemary extracts, tea-tree extracts, vitamin E oil and essential oils with antiseptic properties are used as natural preservatives.

Essence of Earth delivers this wholesome goodness through its philosophy and mantra of Beauty through Balance , just as everything in existence is required to be in perfect balance and harmony.